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How To Treat Nail Fungus

How To Treat Nail Fungus

As a result of the importance attached to nails by many societal factors, many people could go through their lives not knowing what a nail fungus infection is and how common this infection occurs worldwide. As the name implies, nail fungus affects the area below the toenails and the fingernails. By reason of its location, it is often difficult to diagnose and reach for cure.

Fungus needs warm, moist and dark places to survive hence, nail fungus affect the toenails more readily than the fingernails. It is common to notice that people who live in temperate climates and wear covered shoes regularly are prone to fungus infection. The fungus finds its way under the nails and with the right conditions breeds there.

The causes of nail fungus infection include;

• Wearing undersized shoes regularly
• Improper shoe hygiene
• Breaks in the nails
• Cutting the nails too close to the skin thereby breaking it and allowing openings for infection
• Damp feet for prolonged periods caused by sweat or inadequate drying after showering.

The symptoms of fungus infections are flaky or brittle nails, colored spots on the nails, thickness of nails, foul smell, etc.

Nail fungus treatment is available even in the comfort of your kitchen so a trip to a doctor might not be necessary if you know how to go about it. Since this infection is contagious, the key as applied to other infectious micro-organisms is to control and eliminate the spread as early as possible. The most common home-based nail fungus treatment includes:

• Listerine – soaking the infected nails twice daily in this antiseptic mouthwash kills the fungus present under the nails.
• Vinegar – soaking the infected nails in a solution of vinegar and warm water twice daily.
• Alcohol – dip the infected nails in alcohol twice daily.
• Tea Tree Oil -for two times daily, dab the infected nails with tea tree oil which is also a powerful fungicide.
• Hydrogen Peroxide – soak the infected nails three times a day with a solution of warm water and hydrogen peroxide

Vaporubs have also been said to be effective in relieving the discomfort caused by nail infections while the nails grow out. The toenails and fingernails should be dried thoroughly after each fungus treatment to prevent fungus from breeding again afterwards.

The preventive measures include avoiding fungus prone areas/habits such as dirty showers and sharing of nail clippers, dirty shoes, wearing of nail polish for prolonged periods etc.

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