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Nail Fungus Symptoms

Nail Fungus Symptoms

The human body is the host for a variety of micro organism like bacteria and fungi. Some of them are very much essential for the normal function of the body. But some multiply rapidly and cause infections. For instance, fungi can live on dead nail and hair tissues and the outer layers if the skin. The most prominent example of a fungal infection is fungal nail infection or Onychomycosis.

A healthy nail is absolute transparent and partly discloses the pink skin underneath. The nail becomes white in color when it grows old. A nail fungal infection begins as a yellow or white patch under the fingernail or toenail tip. The disease causing fungus dwells underneath the nail because the nails offer a safe, dark and damp place. These attributes provide the best breeding ground for the microbe where it multiplies and the situation gets worse.

Toenails are more affected than the nails on the finger. This is because the socks and shoes offer the best environment for breeding. It is also seen that adults are more affected than the under aged. The nail of an affected person starts discoloring, thickening and developing crumbled edges, as the fungus spreads deeper.

Some of the symptoms of fungal infections in nails are-

1) Itchiness is the first symptom of a fungal infection. The skin around the nail gets corrupted and degrades.

2) An increase in temperature is seen in case of every fungal infection and same is the case here.

3) A feeling of numbness or no feeling in the infected area and the skin around it is most common as the skin gets degraded and the sensory nerves fail to function.

4) We tend to see a yellow brownish discoloration of the finger or toe nail. It usually begins at the end of the finger nail and then slowly moves underneath and destroys the entire nail.

5) When the nail is infected the nail tends to become very thick making it very difficult to trim or remove the nail. This causes immense pain. It also hinders day to day activities like wearing gloves, socks etc.

6) Sometimes the nails develop black patches too which look very dirty and unhygienic.

7) Infected nails tend to break very fast. The very often get flaky and chipped.

8) The infected nails may also give very bad odor. This is a cause of concern and reduces the confidence of the individual.

9) Pus may develop in the infected nail.

In extreme cases skin lesions may occur which could really be dangerous. It would require a surgery when things get grave. In order to prevent such a situation it would be advisable to consult a doctor immediately after the above mentioned symptoms are noticed. They should not be neglected else will lead to further grave situations which will be very dangerous.

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